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Have presidential powers evolved over time, or were they a result of a major event? Explain in detail.

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Presidential powers have grown throughout the years and in some cases, significant events have contributed to this. A case can be made that whenever the President adopts a loose view of the Constitution, his powers have grown. Thomas Jefferson, who believed in a strict interpretation of the Constitution, helped grow the power of the presidency when he agreed to make the Louisiana Purchase. There is nothing specifically written in the Constitution allowing the President to buy land. While this action may be a minor increase in the powers of the presidency, it set the stage for future increases of power.

Andrew Jackson wanted to remove the Native Americans from lands on which they lived that were located east of the Mississippi River. When the Supreme Court ruled in the case of Cherokee Nation v Georgia that the government couldn’t force the Native Americans to relocate, President Jackson didn’t enforce the decision, something that would be hard to imagine happening today. President...

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