I have not been able to identify the tone, mood, and antagonist in "The Lottery".

Expert Answers
ask996 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The tone of the Shirley Jackson short story, "The Lottery" is one of objectivity. The events that transpired are relayed to the reader as if the narrator is a casual observer of the events. The mood is one of festivity with undertones of mysteriousness. The children are laughing and playing, the men are gathered and joking, but no one is laughing. There is a sense of tenseness that seems out of place for the "town picnic" like atmosphere.

The lottery itself is the antagonist as it represents the villagers reluctance to let go of outdated traditions, and it turns friends against each other such as when Mrs. Delacroix tells her friend Mrs. Hutchinson, "Be a good sport; We all took the same chance."