The Story of an Hour Questions and Answers
by Kate Chopin

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Have Mr. and Mrs. Mallard loved each other if Mrs. Mallard is relieved that her husband is dead in "The Story of an Hour"? (Or has he been abusive?)

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Within the time period of the setting, the reader is given to understand that Mrs. Mallard, who does love her husband, has been repressed under the feme covert laws of the time, and is relieved to be "free" from her subservient social position after learning of Mr. Mallard's purported death.

When Mrs. Mallard, who is "afflicted with a heart trouble," is told gently of her husband's death, she weeps with "wild abandonment," an indication that she does love the man . Then, she ascends to her room alone where she collapses into a comfortable armchair that faces a window. As Mrs. Mallard gazes out this window, which has apparently been her habit, she notices "the delicious breath of rain" and the "new spring life," both suggestive of a rebirth and hope. A young...

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