Please answer this math question.Sam bought 6 or 12 packaged donuts. A box has either 6 or 12 donuts in them. There are 2 more 12 packaged donuts than 6 packaged donuts. There are 114 donuts in all. How many donut packages are there in all?Thanks everyone for helping!

Expert Answers

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Let the packages with 12 donuts be x and let the ones with 6 donuts be y.

In that case, we can say that y + 2 = x because there are two more 12 donut packages than there are 6 donut packages.

We can also say that  12 x + 6y = 114 because the total number of donuts is made up of the number of 12 packs (x) times 12 (donuts per pack) plus the number of 6 packs (y) times 6.

So now we subsititute the first equation into the second

12 (y + 2) + 6y = 114

12y + 24 + 6y = 114

18 y = 90

y = 5

So there are 5 packages of 6 donuts.  This means there must be 7 packages with 12 donuts.

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