Bad Things About Teddy Roosevelt

What are some negative things about Theodore Roosevelt that I could put on a "wanted" poster?

I have to make a "wanted" poster for theodore roosevelt and i have to come up with reasons that people would want him dead or alive but i cant come up with reasons! help plz :/ 

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are a number of things that we could put on such a poster if we wanted to.

For a relatively minor thing, we could charge him with killing the Republican Party’s chances in the election of 1912.  His ego was big enough that he had to run against President Taft even though Taft was his own hand-picked successor.

Roosevelt can also be seen (if we are so inclined) as a thief.  When he wanted to be able to build a canal across Panama, he helped Panama become independent from Colombia, essentially taking away part of Colombia’s territory.  He then signed a treaty with Bunau-Varilla, who had only a dubious claim to represent the Panamanian government.  So that could be theft or fraud or something. 

We can also charge him with racial bigotry.  Roosevelt was a big believer in white supremacy and “racial fitness.”  He felt that the Anglo-Saxons were being overwhelmed by lower races (including lesser types of whites like Italians).  Therefore, he felt, they needed to improve themselves so they could win out in the Darwinian competition.

Finally, we can charge him with helping to provoke a war that killed many people.  Before Roosevelt was president, public anger against Spain was rising for its actions in Cuba.  Roosevelt badly wanted war with Spain and so he did various things to help bring that war about.  It ended up causing the deaths of many people, particularly if you include the war with the Filipino freedom fighters that came after it (part of it during Roosevelt’s presidency).

Thus we could conceivably charge Roosevelt with a number of “crimes.”

tankertiger | Student

I have to do a project where I have to find good things about my person and bad stuff about other people and I need some stuff bad stuff on Theodore Roosevelt so please help 

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