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by William Shakespeare

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What song could I use to represent Act 3, Scene 6 of Macbeth? I have to make a soundtrack for Act 3 of Macbeth, and I need a song for scene 6.  I need a song that reflects the general mood of the scene, or what's actually happening in the scene.

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Act 3, Scene 6 the theme is suspicion.  I would choose a song about suspicion, such as “Suspicion” by Elvis Presley.

In Act 3, Scene 6, Lennox comments that he is suspicious and thinks that Banquo’s death was caused by Macbeth.  The question then would be why he would kill his friend.  The answer, of course, is that he also killed Duncan.

I would choose a song that highlights suspicion.  Even though Presley’s song is not about killing kings or friends, it has some useful lines for the theme of suspicion.

Consider these lines:

Suspicion torments my heart,
Suspicion keeps us apart,
Suspicion why torture me.

These suspicions are certainly on Lennox’s mind, and several others as well.


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