I have to make a Jeopardy game for "Lamb to the slaghter". What would be some good categories?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think I am glad I do not have to do this myself.  I certainly would have a hard time coming up with very many categories from this story since it's so simple.

Some categories that I can think of would include:

  1. Things Mary offers to get for Patrick.  When he comes in she is being all nice to him asking him if he wants this and that.  Maybe you could use those.
  2. Things Mary says to the grocer -- the stuff she says to make sure he remembers she was there.
  3. Things the police do at the Maloneys' house -- like asking about the wrench and the vase, looking around outside, asking for whiskey.
epollock | Student

This is a fun and easy assignment. "Lamb to the Slaughter" has a wealth of information that you could use for easy categories to more challenging categories. You could have many categories that deal with names and places and what she bought, and what happened at the crime scene, and who everyone was and what they said. Categories could be:

1) Who said this?

2) Who did this?

3) Crime scene analysis

4) Commands, commands, commands!

5) What was for dinner?

6) Ingredients

7) The police

8) The Investigation

9) Where did it happen?

10) When did it happen? 

The categories could be endless in this very straightforward, fun, and interesting story. Best of Luck.

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