I have to interview Penelope for a school assignment. So if you guys could give me some possible questions to ask her with descriptive and emotional answers that would be great. It doesn't have to be about any certain book just the entire Odyssey!

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As we don't do your homework for you here, if you've read the book, the answer part should be easy!  But if I got to be Oprah, I would ask:

* These rumors of your husband's infidelity during his long journey away from you must have been hard for you to endure.  How has it affected your marriage?  Do you believe that he's been faithful?

* Upon your husband's return, he tested your fidelity, despite rumors of his own infidelity.  Was that a difficult obstacle to overcome?

* How has your marriage changed since he's returned?  Have you seeked marriage counseling or religious counseling?

* How did you come up with the ideas you came up with to keep your suitors at bay?

If I had the...

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