I have to identify one way a 7th Day Adventist student can develop a spiritual experience and illustrate how it leads to a spiritual development.

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thanatassa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

First, I am not sure that you can set out mechanical guidelines for a quick and easy way to have a spiritual experience. It is, in Christian theology, something bestowed upon a limited number of people who lead particularly good and holy lives. In 7th Day Adventist theology, this would include baptism, keeping the Sabbath, chastity before marriage,  vegetarianism, and general focus on spiritual rather than material goals. The key to being open to spiritual experience in this context would be to use the Sabbath as intended as a day of mindful prayer.  This might include a habit of reviewing in your mind all the things you have done over the previous week and thinking about how they have led your closer to or farther from God, and then trying to use this to modify your behavior for the next week. This will gradually bring your life and experience closer to a blessed state.