Identify different examples of fate/destiny throughout the story Night.

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clane eNotes educator| Certified Educator

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There are several examples of "fate" or in Elie's case God (because such a religious boy would not believe in the hand of fate even in face of losing his faith). Elie seemed to be in all the best places in what was perhaps the worst time in the history of the human race. Elie got into the work kommandos that didn't kill him, he was able to stay with his father when so many others were separated from their families. He found the will to live when no one else could, even his father. He lied when it was necessary (like when he lied about his age to avoid death or when he lied about being sick to avoid having his gold crown removed). It also seems that God or fate landed him in some of these terrible situations, like when he begged his family to flee from Sighet and they refused and out of duty he stayed. He chose to march from the camp in the snow in the middle of the night on a severely injured foot when only days later that camp was liberated, prolonging his journey weeks and losing his father in the process.

All of these fate or God driven situations happened to Elie so that he could become the man that he is today and tell his story so vividly so that hopefully nothing on the scale of the Nazi Holocaust ever occurs in history again.