What are 5 easy ways of conserving energy while cooking food on a stove?

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justaguide eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Here are five ways of saving energy while cooking food on a stove:

  1. Make sure the container you use is just the right size to accommodate all your food. If you use a container that is larger than what is required energy is wasted in heating empty space in the container.
  2. Always cover the vessel in which your food is cooking unless the recipe specifically mentions that you need to use an open pan. Covering the vessel stops heat from escaping due to convection. The steam that is trapped inside helps cook the food faster using less energy.
  3. Try to make use of a pressure cooker if you can. Usually beans, potatoes, etc. can easily be cooked in a pressure cooker. The pressure cooker works on the principle that as pressure increases the boiling point of water increases. This raises the temperature in the cooker to above 100 degree Celsius and the super heated steam in the cooker decreases the energy requirement by a large extent.
  4. When you place the vessel on the stove ensure that the flame remains below the vessel and does not show up at the sides. If your vessel has a small base, turn the knob to reduce the amount of gas.
  5. Close to when the cooking is complete, put off the flame and let the food cook in the heat that is present in the contents of the vessel.
sanjeevani | Student

1) flame of burner should no go beyond he base periphery of utensils.

2) while cooking, close he vessel if possible

3) pressurize the fuel, but burn it optimizing

4)never neglect oil  seal rupture

5) kerosene, if used as fuel, clean path flow every time. it corrodes inner path frequently.

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