I have hemochromatosis.  Are there any herbs I can take to lower my iron level?

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chicagorilke23 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I suggest you undergo a physical examination by a physician. You should also voice your desire to take herbal remedies.

A phlebotomy may be one of the first procedures you may undergo in treating this diesease.

Good luck and get a few medical opinions to make sure you are able to make the best choice for you.

auntkracked | Student

Hello :) I have the same disease and have lots of info for you. I take vitamins and minerals everyday to help block and drop my iron count.I had the Phelbotomy done every week for 5 months and have been dropped down enough to be checked once a month. My list of vitamins I was given is as follows:

200mcg Selenium

Vitamin B complex

800mcg Folic acid

30mg zinc

300mg Grape seed skin extract

120mg Ginkgo extract

1,000mg Aged garlic extract

500mg Alpha-Lipoic acid

60mg Palm-oil Tocotrienols

600mg N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC)

300mg Elemental Calcium with each meal

500mg Elemental Magnesium

500mg Silymarin Extract (containing a high % of Silbinin)

1,200mg Green tea extract ( 95 % with most meals with a 100mg of EGCG ) i take 3 pills each time I have a meal.

3mg of Melatonin @ bedtime

260mg Milk thistle ( I have been taking 1,000 mg 3 times a day)


I take most of them everyday. I have tried to only take at least half the list due to in a year I will have to change to the others. Your ferritin will become immune to them after a year so you have to keep changing back and forth. I hope this note to you does not come to you to late,I have more information on Facebook look for " Hemochromatosis awerness" I made the page for my dad when he was diagnosed with this disease. I have been fighting it myself since November of 2011.

Good Luck to you in your road to better health with this disease:)

beccamarie2986 | Student

Some natural remedies for either lowering iron or improving liver health include taking the following herbs:

1) Dandelion

2) Wild Hyssop

3)Milk Thistle

You also might want to consider chelation therapy as a more natural way of treating your hemochromatosis.