I have to give a book talk on Anowa with some type of visual aid. Do you have any suggestions on a visual aid for this book?

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Perhaps the best visual aids to use in any presentation speak to the overall themes, imagery, and characters depicted in the text. For the book Anowa, here are some suggestions for visual aids.

Theme visual aids: Customs and traditions of the culture, importance of pride, aspects of actions, choices, and consequences. Portray these by showing what customs are relevant in the text: marriage, a woman's place in the home, owning of slaves.

Imagery visual aids: wedding bands, chains, cleaning supplies and materials.

Character visual aids: the disobedient daughter, the frustrated mother and father, the husband.

Overall, you can easily tell a story using images alone. While this is not the assignment, you can surely use the visual aids to enhance your presentation on the text. Be sure to use things which highlight the text for you and depict how you envisioned the characters and themes.

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