I have to fill out an outline in APA format. What is the general APA format from I. Cover Page to Works Cited?

Expert Answers
Lorraine Caplan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I'm not sure either one of us has enough information.  Is this meant to be an outline of a paper that you have already written, is this meant to be more of a proposal for a research paper, or is this meant to help you learn the proper elements of a research paper in APA?  

If you have not written a paper, you have no title to put in the cover page section.  A cover page includes a title, usually a course name, the name of the school, and your name. 

Similarly, if you have not written a paper yet, you cannot possibly write an abstract for your paper.  The abstract is the absolute last thing to do, once the entire paper has been written because it is an encapsulation of the entire paper. 

What other elements are included in this outline?  You wouldn't have a table of contents yet if the paper is not written, no chapters, headings, or subheadings.  Generally, an APA paper will include an introductory section and a concluding section, but in between, in the body, I am not sure what you could say right now.  You would also need a references page and maybe some appendices, too. 

If you have some idea what the purpose of the assignment is and can let us know if you have actually written a paper already, we should be able to help you more.