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Forever Is Composed Of Nows

I have to explain a quote (Forever is composed -- of Nows - Emily Dickinson).

I have to explain it in a everyday situation dont know how.

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Dickinson is saying that the Now should be treasured and celebrated. The Now means the present. Every past and future moment was at one time, or will be, a present; a Now. Each moment in the past, was at one time, present when it occurred. Each moment in the future will be present – when it occurs. Therefore, every moment that has ever and that will ever exist in time was, is or will be a present moment; a Now. So forever or the infinite is composed of Nows because each present is a Now. That’s why she ends the poem with:

No Different Our Years would be

From Anno Domini’s—

The present Now is no different from the ‘present Now’ (it was present then) of the year Jesus Christ was born. An hour, 2,000 years ago is the same as an hour ‘now.’ Think of the timeline of all history. Each moment, when it...

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