I need a simplified description of Mr. Wemmick's cottage from Great Expectations, and what is a battery mound.

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Much like John Wemmick himself, Walworth is diminutive, but mighty. When Pip walks home with Wemmick, he is surprised.  Wemmick's house was a little wooden cottage in the middle of garden plots with the top of it "cut out and painted like a battery mounted with guns."  Since a battery is a fortification equipped with artillery, the top of his little house looks like a fortress.  Wemmick also has a large flag on a pole, and he runs up a real flag.  In addition, there is a little moat with a miniature drawbridge for his castle/cottage.  The bridge is only a plank and the "moat" is but four feet wide and two feet deep.  At nine o'clock Greenwich (official) time, the miniature cannon is fired; Wemmick has named this mighty gun "Stinger."  The cannon is mounted is a separate structure, a "fortress" made of latticework.  A little tarpaulin protects the gun much like an unbrella.  All of these constructions have been fashioned by Wemmick, who calls himself his "own Jack-of-all-trades."

Provisions for his fortress are provided by a pig, fowls, rabbits, cucumbers and other vegetables. Wemmick takes great pride in his little world that pleases his Aged Parent and brushes away "the cobwebs" of Little Britain.

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