I have to draw a picture to represent symbolic events in chapter 46. What are some symbolic events in chapter 46?

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In chapter 46 Pip and Herbert engage in rowing beyond London Bridge as they improve their skill and set up a diversion by which they will be able to smuggle the convict out of hiding. These boat trips could make an interesting visual image for your project. There is important symbolism in the tide which Herbert sees as flowing towards his love, but to Pip – 

It was flowing towards Magwitch, and that any black mark on its surface might be his pursuers, going swiftly, silently and surely, to take him.

Also, we see Clara’s bedridden father, an alcoholic former ship’s purser who communicates by banging on the floor. He would be an interesting character to portray, and can be symbolic in his strange means of communication, which is seen regularly in the characters of the story-

Here’s Old Bill Barley ...lying on the flat of his back, like a drifting old dead flounder,



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