World War II

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Please help me with the following question from a WWII crossword puzzle. This day marked a major turning point in the war, with the allies attempting to regain control of mainland Europe. (I thought this one was Stalingrad, but its only 4 letters)

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You are right that Stalingrad was a major turning point in the war in Europe.  But that can't be right even if it were the right number of letters because Stalingrad only involved the Soviets (so it was not "the Allies attempting...") and because it does not really have to do with regaining control of the "mainland."  Finally, Stalingrad wasn't one day.

The words "mainland" and "day" should be your clues.  The Allies controlled Britain, which is off the mainland of Europe.  Now they were invading France to try to get control of the mainland.  That means that the day that we are talking about is the day of the invasion of France. That day is known as D-Day.

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