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I have to do a project for biology.i have to compare a cell to a movie theater 

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In order to do this, we should first identify the functions of each part of the cell; then relate them to a component/personnel in a movie theater.

  • Cell Membrane: The cell membrane is a semi-permeable membrane that controls what comes in and what comes out of a cell. This can be related to the walls of the movie theater, including the entrance. In the entrance, you have guards who might check your tickets (hence, controlling what comes in).
  • Ribosome: They are responsible for the production of proteins. Depending on what you want to compare to proteins, you can simply change the ribosome. For instance, if proteins are the popcorn, ribosome would be the popcorn machine/maker. If proteins are movie tickets, then ribosome would be the machine the prints the tickets.
  • Cell Nucleus: This is the cell's information center. It contains the DNA which is the entire blue print for the organism. This could be the information booth of the cinema, where you can see which movies are being shown, what time, etc. In some cinemas, this would be located precisely on the ticket selling booth (just screens).
  • Mitochondria: This is the power house of the cell, they generate the energy used by the cell in various processes. This could be the power room, or the generator of the theater.
  • Endoplasmic Reticulum: It is a transport network, and also responsible for lipid and protein synthesis. This could be the lines of food stalls within the movie theater's vicinity.
  • Golgi complex: Processes proteins and packages them for transport. Again, depending on what your proteins are: If proteins are tickets, golgi complex would be the person who hands you the ticket (after being printed). If proteins are popcorn, this would be the worker who packages your popcorn.
  • Lysosomes: These get rid of the wastes of the cell. They digest wastes using acid hydrolases. Lysosomes could be the maintainance staff and janitors who clean the theater.

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