I have to do a powerpoint to my sister who is in grade 5. Give me as much information that I can put in the presentation.

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amy-lepore eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is an intriguing assignment, but difficult to give you the suggestions that perhaps you are looking for since your request is so vague.

For instance, what class are you enrolled in?  What is the purpose of this presentation?  Is it an advice thing, a how-to thing, or just a information thing?

Think about the topic your teacher has given you.  If you are to give your sister advice, what is it you want to say to her?  You are the older sibling, so it's possible you want to be a good role model and help her to succeed as you have in 9th grade, or maybe you would do things differently if you had to them to do over...in this case, what might you tell her so she won't make the same mistakes?

Is the presentation to help her be a better student?  To succeed in high school?  To explore her options and talents through class choices and creating her best school schedule?

Whatever it is that your teacher has asked you to do, make a list of things you would like to tell your little sister.  You probably need a minimum of powerpoint slides, so think of at least that many things to tell her and use one slide for each piece of advice or tidbit of wisdom you will share with her.  Will you encourage her to conform or to be different?  To study or to work at being the best athlete, the most popular, the best dressed?  To balance all of these things to ensure the best possible high school experience? 

What you put in this presentation is way too personal for anyone on this site to tell you to include.  You're talking to your sister.  What do you want to say to her?  How will you say it?  Once you figure that out, you'll need to put it in the powerpoint.  I've included a site that will help you get creative with that if you aren't already powerpoint savvy.

Most importantly, have fun with this.  It is likely that your sister will remember it forever, and it could be a very special memory for you both.  Good Luck!

Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that there has to be more specificity.  If you are examining in how to assemble this powerpoint presentation, I would submit to you that to draft your ideas and then determine how to incorporate these ideas in quick, powerful words or phrases might be effective.  Having text in 12 font on a slide for a fifth grader might not work as well as two or three "quick hitting" ideas that stick in their mind.  I would also use creative icons that connect to the content.  For example, if one of the points being made was of historical strength, then I would use an icon of a superhero or some other type of culturally relevant icon which would be easily recognized by the child, but also connect to the content.  Finally, the use of music, video, and even slide dissolves and transitions would be of critical importance in any type of powerpoint.  Colors in backgrounds would also help.

In just reading on that the ppt is about Haiti, I would focus on history and geography.  This might involve importing maps that clearly identify where Haiti is and its geographic location.  I would also identify some important cash crops and means of generating income.  Identifying these on a slide or two might also be good with the same rules from above on the idea of graphics as enhancing meaning.  I think you have to talk about the recent earthquake, but you might have to be a bit careful in deluging the kid with disturbing images.  Instead, perhaps selecting some images with background narration or even with written explanation or detail could be good for this audience.

nanosy | Student

it is on haiti sorry that i forgot to write it anyways give me as much information as you can on haiti