What are some topics I can talk about in a paper on human trafficking?

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There are many topics that you could talk about in a paper on human trafficking.  Some of them would include:

  • Geography.  Where do the people who are being trafficked generally come from?  Where are theybeing taken?
  • Causes of  trafficking.  Why are the people trying being brought to those places?
  • Obtaining people.  How are human traffickers getting the people they traffic?  Are they kidnapping them?  Are they inducing them with false promises?
  • Process of trafficking.  How are the people getting into the target countries?  How are they typically treated?
  • Outcome.  What generally happens to the people being trafficked once they have arrived where they are going?  This could be split into short and long-term outcomes.
  • Prevention.  What steps are countries taking or could countries take to prevent trafficking?  This might be split into steps that could be taken in the source countries and in the target countries.
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The paramount discussion on human trafficking should be the immoral implications of selling a human being for labor or worse sexual exploitation. At what time is the selling of a person acceptatble? It would be wise to give a background of the history of human trafficking which of course goes way back and then give information and statistics on present day trafficking. Touching on the geograhic locations where trafficking is prevelent is important as well as discussing how different societies feel about this trade. Depending on the assignment, I would structure the paper as follows:

History of Human trafficking

Moral issues of human tricking

Current countries that expliot human trafficking