The Andromeda Strain

by Michael Crichton
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I have to do a paper on the Andromeda Strain book for biology class, and they want to know how proteins relate to diff environments. How do I do that? I already included something about how the Andromeda bacteria couldn't live in too high or low PH levels. But I think she wants me to explain that. I can't find anything specific enough on the web, can anyone help me? Unfortunately it's due tomorrow. :(

Expert Answers

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I'd start by pulling back a bit, and, rather than focusing on proteins, focus on the idea of microorganisms adapting to different environment. You might look at the ideas of "panspermia," which discuss how spores or microscopic organisms might have brought life to Earth by traveling through space. Likewise, you might look up "astrobiology," which is the more formal study of such issues. Both searches will help you discuss how the Andromeda strain might or might not adapt to our environment.

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