I have to do an essay on The Bronze Bow and I need some help because I haven't read the book.

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accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Clearly, the place for you to start is to read the book. It isn't that long, and the language is not too complicated, and what is more, it is a great read, so I encourage you to read the book for yourself rather than let others do the work for you.

However, just to help you get started, I have included links below to the relevant sections of the enotes guide to this great novel. In addition, you will want to think about how the themes of love and hate are represented. The novel is set in occupied Palestine in a time when Romans ruled the Jews. The Jews bitterly resented this, and in particular, Daniel hates the Romans for how they killed his father. Having vowed to oppose the Romans, the novel centres on Daniel's involvement in a rebel movement led by a leader called Rosh. However, as the novel progresses, and Daniel becomes more and more influenced by the teachings of a strange teacher called Jesus, hate gradually becomes replaced by love as Daniel is forced to realise that he has attachments to his sister and to his friends that are incredibly important to him. Lastly, Daniel shows how love triumphs over hate when he follows the teachings of Jesus, and understands the power of love over hatred:

Was it possible that only love could bend the bow of bronze?

Daniel shows his understanding of this teaching when he invites a Roman soldier into his home. Any essay will have to focus on these two conflicting emotions and how Daniel as the protagonist of this novel processes them. Good luck, and no go and read the book!