i have to create a positive profile for ralphwhats hes strenghts, hobbies, descriptions of character,...

i have to create a positive profile for ralph
whats hes strenghts, hobbies, descriptions of character, etc



descriptions of character:____________________________________________

actions & words of character:____________________________________________

smartest action performed:_____________________________

questionable actions:______________________________________________


positive statement about the character:____________________________________________

Expert Answers
kapokkid eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If you are looking for the positives about Ralph, you can focus particularly on the early parts of the story where the good characteristics he has help him to organize the boys, accomplish certain tasks, and help them get over the intial shock of the crash and ending up on the island without the adults.

There are a number of positive things about him that also include his appearance and bearing, and sometimes are difficult to focus on because as students, we see him asserting himself and making rules and keeping order, things that students often see as negatives because of a natural aversion to being told what to do.

The profile should be relatively simple to put together if you take a little time to pick out some of the very positive things he did and even if they are controversial, or could go either way, just follow them with a positive interpretation, imagine that you want to paint him in the best light possible, should be relatively straight-forward.

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