Who is Wang Lung? To whom is he getting married? What kinds of rituals does Wang Lung perform to prepare himself for the ceremony?

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writergal06 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Wang Lung is a poor farmer in a Northern Chinese village, and the main character of The Good Earth. His father has arranged a marriage for him to Olan, one of the servants in the great house of Hwang, which is the ruling family of the area. Since Wang Lung's family is poor, he can't afford a grandiose wedding ceremony, but he does save money to prepare a small wedding feast in celebration. Before receiving Olan from the mistress of the House of Hwang, Wang Lung cleans himself, goes to a barber to be shaved. He wears his best clothes to town that day. He picks up food for the feast on the way to the house. After he gets Olan, the two of them go to the temple to worship the god of the land, lighting incense and praying for prosperity.

gogryphons | Student

Wang-Lung is a poor farmer.

He is getting married to O-Lan a slave of the house of Whang.

Gets all cleaned up and they go to the temple of the gods and light an inscense stick to symbolize unity