I have a couple questions about Tuck Everlasting.  Who are the main characters, what is the setting, the conflict and the resolution?

Expert Answers
sullymonster eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The protagonist of the story is Winnie Foster, a young girl who feels trapped in her life.  She meets Jess Tuck and his family (Dad: Angus, Mom: Mae, and Brother: Miles), who are the other main characters in this story.  She is attracted to the sense of freedom that the family seems to have, how they are not tied to the social structure that has shaped her whole life.

The setting of this story is the outskirts a small Northeast or MidWest town - it is never specified exactly where.  The name of the town is Treegap and the year is 1881.  The conflict of the story is man vs. self:  Will  Winnie choose everlasting life, or will she choose to return to her family and have a normal life cycle?

Winnie chooses to have a traditional life.  Although she does want to be with Jesse, she realizes from her experience with the Tucks that the joys of life come from change, and that to live forever would take away that joy.