What are some good discussion questions for Little Women for a group of high school girls? 

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Which film are you referring to? The Katharine Hepburn, Winona Ryder, or June Allyson version? 

It would be fun to look at all the versions and compare. I personally think the Katharine Hepburn version captures the spirit of the book most faithfully. 

A discussion question I would use is to compare the book and the film. If scenes were left out or altered, why? 

You can also look at the casting and see how the characters were played and if you feel the casting was done well. If you do not think characters were portrayed accurately, why? Who would you have cast instead? 

Also, how did your mental "movie" of the book differ than the actual film? As you read, did you picture things differently? 

This sounds like a fun discussion!


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Here are some questions that I think may be helpful:

 1. How do you feel Winona Ryder portrayed Jo March? Did she maintain the stubborn, indomitable strength and independence that Jo carried throughout the book, or did she fall into typical, romantic female stereotypes?

2. What is the significance of the male characters in a film that revolves around the lives of women? Do they pose as simply romantic figures, or are they used to further develop the March sisters?

3. How do you feel about Jo's relationship with Laurie? Amy's relationship with Laurie?

4. Why do you think that Beth was the one to die? Is it solely because of the fever she contracted as a child? Is it because of her weak character? Is it to further the understanding of other characters?

5. The film is set against the background of the American Civil War, yet there is very little in the film that reminds us that a war is taking place. Why is that? Should there have been more mentions of the war or would that have taken away from the story of the March sisters?

Hope these help and best of luck.

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