I have a car in my driveway blocking another car. It belongs to a former tenant, its been over a month.  How can I get the car removed?

Expert Answers
hustoncmk eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This depends on the state that you are in, but I would suggest calling a local towing company that has a storage lot. Find out what they would charge to have the car towed & for storage. Do you have a current address for your former tenant?  If so, send a certified letter informing the tenant that if he does not remove the car within x number of days, you will have it towed and he will need to pay the towing charge & storage fees.  If you do not, usually you can put a notification in the legal section of the paper at least 3 times and you are covered.  I would also suggest you contact the local police and ask them what you can do with it. Is it still registered & insured?  In the town we are in currently you cannot have an unregistered car in your driveway.

nilly05 | Student

well i think that you should go to the police and tell them your problem and they should be able to help you by removing the former tenant's car by towing it, if not the police, go to a towing company and tell them to tow it away for you, it may cost some money, but it'll atleast get the car out of your way!!..........hope this helped!!!