I have a best friend who wants to add another to be her close freind I am hurt what can I do?I thought we were very close now she wants to do things alone with this other person

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readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think what you can do is try to look at things from another perspective. If you have a best friend, then you presumably love that person. If you love that person, you want what is best for that person. If you want what is best for that person and that other friend is a good person, you should be happy for your friend. If you are happy for your friend, then your friend would appreciate you more for your generous heart. In this way, you are acting as a best friend and hopefully your friend would do the same. The other option is to be hurt and act in hurt. I am sure that this will do no good. In short, have a selfless heart, and hopefully that will be returned.

See link on the paradox of love. It is a short, but filled with meaning.

a5fa | Student

Try to make friends with your old BFF's new friend. THis will help and will let the new friend become nice to you, allowing you two to.......be friends again. Hope this helps! And remember me, Arfa McClain!

user2930365 | Student

"You can should just stop being friends or ask her why she does not want to do anything with you anymore!"

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