I have been preparing a report on Disaster management. What are the topics I should discuss in that?It has to be submitted on 15th of November so I need answers before that. My report also has to...

I have been preparing a report on Disaster management. What are the topics I should discuss in that?

It has to be submitted on 15th of November so I need answers before that. My report also has to be of 25 pages only and I am in 9th grade.

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The previous post did a nice job in addressing how Katrina's response can be a blueprint of how to not handle an emergency.  I would also suggest examining how nations in South East Asia responded to the Tsunami of 2004.  In your report, I would think you might want to spend some time on government response, but also analyze it on multiple levels in terms of federal, state, and local spheres of response.  Perhaps, a part of your report can be devoted to how each has distinct roles and how each of them share in converging roles.  You might also want to devote some thoughts to how preparedness can be a proactive state, as opposed to reactive.  Using engineers and urban planners in the development of proactive methods of crisis management could avert having to respond to a crisis when it is too late.  Examination of these engineering solutions could be something quite valuable out of your work.  This could be in an expanded role of forecasters and meteorological studies in being able to predict the time, location, and force of natural disasters.  Finally, given the current economic challenges, you might have to devote how cutting back on public services endangers efforts to help in crisis management.

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A report on disaster management should cover all aspects of how to prepare for a disaster, such as Hurricane Katrina. Some of the subtopics that could be addressed should anwer the following concerns: what emergency services are available during the disaster, what services, such as, food services and medical services, are available after the immediate disaster; what transportation can be arranged to get people out of the area "before" the disaster and afterwards; How can disaster relief services be directed to the people who need them; what disaster teams can be arranged before a disaster strikes; how will roads, water and electric service be repaired after the disaster.

Before you write your paper you can look up Hurricane Katrina on the internet; and look at the disaster procedures that were not in place before the hurricane struck and before the levees broke. There has been a lot of public and offcial scrutiny about the handling of Katrina, so I guess there is a lot of information available online. You could read the criticism about the disaster services that were available during Hurricane Katrina and apply the future guidlines to the subsections in your paper.

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you should prepare report on Phases of Disaster Management

you should disuss the following topics in that

1  pre disaster phase

2. post disaster phase

3. do's and dont's

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the report must contain the information regarding the disaster ,its causes,effects,mitigation measures,prevention and its advantages & disadvantages.   

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