I have been asked to find pictures of people to match the characters in The Silver Sword. Where can I find these pictures? My teacher said the persons should not be smiling. Can you direct me to a web site?

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Hi, Chips.  Completing this assignment means using your imagination to picture in your own mind what the characters look like.  After you do that, you will  need to write a list of key words that you can use to search for images on-line.  For example, a key word might be "old man" or "young girl."  Then you need to go to google.com and click on the "Images" link at the top of the page. Put your key word into the search box and thousands of pictures will appear. You need to find the ones that match how you see the character in your imagination.  All of the images on Google can be copied into a Word document with a right click of your mouse.  You must be sure, though, to show in your Word document where you found the picture by placing the URL after the picture.

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