I have been asked to do a 4-8 minute oral presentation on a current issue but i am struggling to find relatable issue. Any IdeasI have been asked to do a 4-8 minute oral presentation on a current...

I have been asked to do a 4-8 minute oral presentation on a current issue but i am struggling to find relatable issue. Any Ideas

I have been asked to do a 4-8 minute oral presentation on a current issue but i am struggling to find relatable issue. Any Ideas

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It would be much easier for us to answer this if we had some ideas about what you are interested in.  It would be much easier for you to do a presentation on some issue that actually is of interest to you if there are any.

If it were me, I would do one of the following things, but I don't know if any of them are at all interesting to you:

  • The Tea Party.  Why are they angry and do you think that it would be good if they got into power in the US government.
  • Football and head injuries.  There is growing evidence that football players are really harming themselves in the long term by getting hit in the head so much.  What can be done?  What should be done?
  • Educational reform.  How can we manage to get more good teachers in schools and get bad ones out?  Would that help schools?  How would you identify the good ones?
clairewait eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If your assignment has left the topic wide open, I would encourage you to do a speech on something that immediately affects you and your peers.  Be honest.  If you were not giving the speech, would someone else talking about the war in Iraq interest you?  You will enjoy this assignment more if you know your audience is enjoying it, and they will enjoy it if the topic is relevant.  As a teacher, I typically have a weekly tirade on something that bothers me.  Often I make it funny, but typically I land on a point that directly affects my students.  I'm always trying to get my audience to think about how their actions affect others.  If you consider this, there is a whole world of possibilities.  Go to lunch tomorrow and pay attention to what your friends complain about the most.  Maybe do a speech about that...

scarletpimpernel eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Would you be talking about the withdrawal of combat troops from Iraq? Or, if you want to be even more current, why not discuss the war in Afghanistan?

Depending on how controversial you want your speech to be, here are a couple of suggestions:

  • Social networking sites--are they beneficial to society?
  • NATO's role be in Afghanistan--should it be to rebuild the country or to annihilate the presence of Al Qaeda and the Taliban there?
  • Freedom of Speech--do protestors have the right to hold up signs such as "Thank God for Dead Soldiers" at the funerals of U.S. servicemen? (This issue currently before the Supreme Court.)


Lori Steinbach eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Your question doesn't make clear whether your oral presentation is supposed to be more persuasive/argumentative or informative.  The fact is that few people understand the entire Iraq or Afghanistan scenario as it stands, so that works if the presentation is informative.  If you're more interested in outlining and/or justifying your position, that only works for a persuasive speech.  Keep in mind the kind of presentation you want to make as well as which is required before you decide on anything.  Some good ideas to choose from so far! 

gitacheerath | Student

Ask a student each day to come to class with a current issue and make a presentation on it. In this way student will have topics they are interested in and team learning also takes place.

Every week issue some points for the best presentation of the week. You will see that the standard of work will be real good.

isolav07 | Student

on post 8 i said iraq... i mean Afghanistan. That is what i have so far for my persuasive piece. I feel i need another little bit to get me over the 4 minute mark. Do you have any suggestions? Also i am unsure how much a hospital costs. i was thinking about relating the cost of the war to that of the average hospital, something like, with the money spent we could have had x amount of hospitals.

isolav07 | Student
She also went on to outline the fact that the future of Afghanistan is important, but so far through our efforts we really haven't made much progress in training the Afghan National Army in preventing more terrorist attacks and shutting down Al-Qaeda operations. It is predicted that it would take almost ten years in order to train the Afghanistan Army to the point were they are able to fend for themselves. This means another 10 years of turmoil for not only the Afghani People but also for the diggers and our economy. In the last 2 years alone we have pent close to 1.2 billion dollars on our efforts. This staggering amount of money would be enough to
isolav07 | Student

Our new Prime Minister Julia Gilliard thinks so. In a recent interview conducted on the 12th of July by the Sydney Morning Herald, she stated that “The Australian public itself seems to be rather content to accept that we're there because we're there and not to ask the question: is the terrible price that's been paid, now by 21 families, worth what it is we're trying to achieve?” And she does have have a point. Many of us just brush off the regular war updates that are fed to us by the media as just, other news. When really shouldn't we be taking more notice of deaths of innocent people everyday, or have we realised as a society that this war really doesn't concern us, so we discard it like yesterdays news.


isolav07 | Student

And I know Australia as a culture is renowned for helping out the less fortunate, with all of the charities we have like Project Kenya, but is our assistance really helping to stop the war on terror, or have we just been sucked into another ill thought out plan by the U.S. Think about it, if the World Trade Centre wasn't bombed in 2002, and America didn't decide to get involved chances are we wouldn't have even sent troops to Afghanistan in the first place to stop this so called “security threat”. And history tells the same tale. Australia has blindly followed the U.S. on several occasions. Take the Vietnam War and the Gulf War. One both of these occasions Australia has been suckered into helping the U.S with their efforts in joining wars to which they really have no concern. Isn't it time we make our own decisions and choose to remove ourselves from the war in Afghanistan?


isolav07 | Student

The statistics don't stop there. The United Nations estimated that in the time from January to June of 2010, approximately 3,268 Afghani civilians have died due to war related conflict between the Pro Government forces and the Anti Government forces. This means that everyday since last January, on average six innocent Afghani people were killed in the crossfire. Now look around the room. Statistically speaking, if this class were in Afghanistan at the current time, within about 5 days we would all most likely be dead, due to know fault of our own.


isolav07 | Student

As you have all noticed, as of late there has been a lot of talk of Australia’s position in the war in Afghanistan and whether or not we should sacrifice more diggers for a war to which we have no concern. As of August 2010 the death count stands at an alarming 21 Australians, many of whom who left young families to fight a war, a war that many Australians still don't know the reason for our involvement in. To be honest right up until I started this project I had no idea why we were even there. If look all the way back to when John Howard was in power we are able to see what caused the deaths of our diggers in the Afghan War. The sole reason for it was that John Howard was like a lap dog to George Bush. When George Bush decided he would send a surplus of troops to Afghanistan to search for “Weapons of Mass Destruction” so did Howard. And you know what, to date not a single weapon has been found at all. All of that money and blood down the drain for nothing.


isolav07 | Student

i have been working on a speech about the war on iraq and how australia should pull its forces out (im from australia btw) here is what i have so far (have to break it up in order to exceed the character limit :



isolav07 | Student

Thanks for the ideas. Its more of a persuasive piece but i do like the idea of giving a brief outline.

isolav07 | Student

actually i was thinking about doing it on the war in iraq. do you have any ideas?