I have an essay to write. The topic is "English". I think it's about what we think about English personally, with our likes and dislikes. I don't really know what to write. Can you give me some key...

I have an essay to write. The topic is "English". I think it's about what we think about English personally, with our likes and dislikes. I don't really know what to write. Can you give me some key points to give me and idea on what I can write ?

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Lorraine Caplan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is a very big subject, and I can understand why you might be having a hard time narrowing it down to a topic for an essay.   Let's look at what the study of English involves, so you can start thinking more easily about ideas for your writing.  English studies involve reading, writing, listening, and speaking. I know you have been involved in all of these activities in your life, no matter how young you are! One at a time, we will go over these four activities, so you can think about what you like and don't like about them. 

Reading is an activity we engage in for pleasure and knowledge, for school, and often, for work. If you ever read a book just because you feel like it, you are reading for pleasure. If you are, you will want to think about the kinds of books that you enjoy reading. Do you like graphic novels or mysteries?  Do you like to read about vampires? If you read for pleasure at all, you will be able to write about what you enjoy reading. You could mention a favorite book or two in your essay.  Do you ever read because you want to know about something? You might have a pet and have read some books that gave you information on how to best take care of your pet. I remember when my older son got an iguana, so we went to the library and got out several books about them.  If you read to get information, you can mention in your essay what kinds of information interests you and a few books you have read for that purpose.  For school reading, you have certainly been assigned readings.  Did you like any of them? Why or why not? One may have been difficult to read or you may have found one to be boring.  One might have been so wonderful you wanted to read everything by that author. This is all something to write about in your essay.  You may or may ever have worked, but people do read at work for various reasons. They might read repair manuals or have to keep up in their specialties by reading trade journals. If you have worked, you could discuss any reading you needed to do there, and if not, you needn't mention this aspect of reading at all. 

Writing is something we do a great deal of, whether we realize it or not.  You write for school, certainly. You may write emails or chats.  You are likely to post on Facebook and maybe use Twitter.  If you do work, you might have to write memos or reports there or communicate with others at work through email.  Because of the Internet, people are writing more than ever before. You might want to discuss all the forms of writing that you do.  When you must write for school, what do you like and dislike about the writing? You may have found some writing assignments more fun than others. What has been your favorite writing assignment so far? You may really dislike thinking about grammar, which is part of writing, and there is nothing wrong with saying so in your essay.  Many students feel this way. The idea is to talk about the writing you do, what you like and don't like about it, with at least a few examples. 

Listening is part of the study of English. You might have had to listen to some speeches in an English class, for example, or listened to classmates read their stories aloud.  Did your parents read to you when you were little? You could have very fond memories of that reading, with a favorite book or two that you wanted read to you over and over again. For my daughter, that book was Madeleine. I read it so many times we both had it memorized. If you have a book or two that you can mention, include it in a section on listening.  Sometimes people do not like to listen to a book, for example, me.  I cannot listen to a book CD in my car because it makes me impatient. I like to be able to read for myself, at my own speed. You might dislike this, too, or you might really enjoy it. Either way, these are all topics that make sense in a section of your essay on listening.

Finally, speaking is part of English studies. This can include giving speeches or reading parts of plays aloud.  Some people enjoy this a great deal, while some get stage fright and are quite miserable.  Class discussions in English class are part of speaking, too.  Some people raise their hands all the time because they always have something to say. You will observe some classmates never volunteering to participate, perhaps because they are shy or not confident, or maybe because they are not prepared.  What category do you fall in?  Write about it.  Debates are sometimes part of the English curriculum, which requires you to speak and think on your feet.  Have you ever done this?  It may have been great fun, no fun at all, or somewhere in between.  But certainly, this is worth writing about in an essay about English.

I hope that breaking down the study of English into these four categories will give you ideas about what to write about. You do all four, probably every day, you have likes and you have dislikes, and these are what you want to focus on in your essay.  Good luck!

yasoo9393 | Student

Your topic is very huge and you can write from different points of view. You can think from a linguistic point of view. Linguistics includes many subjects such as sociolinguistics and psycholinguistics.

Sociolinguistics means briefly the relationship between language and society (gender,class). It is a very interesting topic considering the difference between the language of men and women. It also focuses on how different social classes effect language. It discusses formal and informal language. There are many studies in many countries that can help you to provide examples.

Psycholinguistics means briefly the relationship between language and psychological factors that help us to produce language. It involves many areas ,but the most interesting area is what belongs to how the child acquire language before birth until maturity. There are a lot of experiments. 

You can read more about them and write what attracts you or does not attract you in each field. When you read, you will feel that they are about real life evidences in acquiring English language. Best of luck.