I have an essay due about convincing your parents to do something, but I can't figure out which topic to do. Should I do the one of redecorating my room or getting a mac? The one about redecorating my room I like the most but the teacher used it as an example so she might think I copied it off. The one about getting the mac has many arguements but too many so it might look weak. 

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Persuasive essays, such as the one you propose to write, are not only intended to be written to convince someone to do something, but also to convince the audience to change their point of view, or perspective, about something else. Do not forget that, in order to do this, you should also present 

  • the rationale behind your point
  • supporting facts that strengthen your rationale
  • transition words
  • active verbs and conclusion

This being said, why not consider asking your parents NOT to do something, and then use reasons behind it as your supporting facts. For example, you could ask your parents not to text and drive, to quit smoking, or to open up a college fund account for yourself. 

The reason behind these ideas is that, when you merely ask for something, the reasons for having that item may or may not be relevant. However, when you ask someone to change an aspect of their behavior, or of their lifestyle, you can use medical, logical, or even social-concerning issues as your supporting facts and rationale. 

At all times, do not forget to state in active words what you wish to accomplish with your words, and include, prior to your conclusion, solutions or ways as to how your goal could be reached.

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This sounds like an interesting assignment. It seems to me that your best bet, assuming you have only those two options, would be persuading your parents to buy you the mac. After all, you are a student and they want you to do well in school, and a good computer is becoming a virtual necessity these days. You could make up a list of ways in which you would benefit from having the mac, both in high school and later on in college. And Christmas is coming on. They will be thinking about what to buy you for a present. It occurs to me that a clever way to approach the essay would be to ask your parents for both the mac and the room redecoration. Then you could conclude by offering a compromise. Let them decide which of the two to pay for and they will think they are getting off easy. I suppose you ought to be prepared with some facts and figures: an itemized estimate for the room redecoration and perhaps some information about how and where they can get the best deal on the mac you want.

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