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I have an 1822 Bible with a hand written poem (quill and ink). "Within this awful volume", it a Scott poem, it is signed "Byron", a copy of Scott's handwritting online, the word Byron looks the same.Would Scott have signed Byron's name, Do I have a rare find? how can I find out?

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The best way to have this book appraised is to find a rare book dealer and someone authenticate the signatures.

Both of these services can cost you. Book appraisers typically charge by the hour depending on location and quality of the dealer/appraiser. Signature authenticators work the same way.

Basically, the value of the book will be determined in one of two ways.

First, if the book itself is rare it will be given a fair market value or approximate auction value.

If the signature is real, it will most likely add to the suggested value of the text.

Outside of that, the condition of the book is very important. Is the binding tight? Are there any pages damaged or torn? Has it been written by someone well-known for penning this type of text? Are the edges bent or stained?

Again, it is very hard to make an appraisal over the phone or by using photographs. Your best bet is to simply take it to someone and hope you have a rare find on your hands.

Best of luck!

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