I have a advertisement for baby wash by johnson and johnson I have to write a essay analying the nonverbal messagesi need to know music volume and imagery how to i find that

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mstultz72 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Most ad analyses are set up in a description (paragraph 1)/ analysis (paragraphs 2 on) set up:

Background: Who published the ad? What's its title, if any? In what magazine or channel was the ad published/televised? In what season (date and year) or time of day was the ad published?

Visual Elements: How is the ad composed visually? What are the ad's focal points? What is the relationship between the ad's images and text? Is the product visible? Why or why not?

If it's a commercial, you can do a shot-by-shot analysis: look at extreme closeups in particular.

Messages: What are the key messages of the ad? Are the ad's messages logical and believable? Are propaganda techniques, hidden messages, or innuendos used? Overall, are the messages effective? Why or why not?

Music and visual imagery are part of the messaging and target audience sections.  Look at colors and status symbols and connect them to gender, age, social class, etc...

Audience: Who is the ad's target audience? How does the ad grab and hold its audience's attention? How is the ad marketed toward its audience?

Be sure to include a description of the ad (even though it is attached), but the bulk of the body of the paper should be an analysis of its design and message(s).