i have 2 essays to do for homework. They are personal essays and one title is 'my secret life as a super hero' i really have no ideas for this. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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psyproffie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This type of essay is a narrative essay, you are expected to tell a story from your perspective and express your creativity.  When you are starting the paper you want to determine what the point of the story you are telling is, this will be your thesis. For example if the point of your narrative is to express your view on the importance of social justice you can illustrate this through your actions in your day as a super hero.  It would be a good idea to use the activities of your day to illustrate different aspects of the thesis that you are working on. In the example of social justice it could be for example helping those who cannot help themselves, fighting prejudice, or helping to overcome poverty in a community.

palvinder | Student

write about kind of personality u r n wt r ursecret desires n it shud b 2 save mankind , 4m corruption, mischiefs , crime, n all such thngs , n den talk about a dream u saw dt u hv bcm a super hero n hv savedppl 4m such bad thngs hsapng around, bt nxt day u realise dt it ws not a dream n u actually r a super human or hero n gv urself a name likewise n den describe abt d daily acts u prform in dis disguise n how u manage it wd ur daily life as a normal human being....n gv details of wt problems u face,has anybdy till now douted on u or sch thngs...