If I have 0.275 moles of a gas at a temperature of 75K and a pressure of 1.75 atm what is the volume of the gas?

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malagala eNotes educator| Certified Educator

First of all we have to assume that this gas behaves as an ideal gas and hence we can apply the ideal gas law to this particular incident.

`PV = nRT`

`V = (nRT)/(P)`

here n = 0.275 mol

T= 75 K

P= 1.75 atm

and the gasconstant R = 0.082057 lit.atm/(K.mol)


`V= (nRT)/P`

`V = ((0.275 mol)(0.082057( l.atm)/(K.mol))(75K))/1.75 atm`

` `  V = 0.967 liters

Therefore the volume of the gas is 0.967 liters