Hate crimes hate literature, ethnic hatred was at the forefront of the creation of this country. Although the United States is a country founded by immigrants, as more and more people came the indigenous peoples were seen as being in the way of expansion. If you are not familiar with the events leading up to the forced removal of the Cherokee Nation from their homes in Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee, and the events of the Trail of Tears, where 4000 Cherokee lost their lives, I strongly urge you to learn about this tragic event in this Country's history. A good source is UTube.Ethnic hatred is still with us. In the past, it was economic in nature, but now...Racial profiling and the continuing incidents of police shooting and killing African Americas once again is indicative of the hate and fear of some of the other citizens of this country. The not to distant scenes of children being be separated from their parents at the border and being sent all over the country is heart-wrenching. Children being held in what looks like cages, or kennels..... And the government did not have a plan in place for how the children could eventually be returned to their parents. A few months back a man was attached in Chicago and had a noose put over his head! It will be interesting to compare the government's (and President's) response to the impact of Dorian vs the government's (President's) response to Puerto Rico.Finally, would the government have been so slow and lax in helping Puerto Rico, if it were a "white" U.S. territory / state?

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This is a complex question that appears to be an essay draft as much as a question per se. The main problem with it as an essay is that it tends toward overgeneralization and hyperbole. Perhaps the most important revision would be to narrow the focus so that you can give more specific details supporting a thesis rather than a series of very broad claims.

The issue of relationships between Native Americans and European settlers is a good topic and has been widely explored in scholarship and popular culture. One could well claim that the history of discrimination and mistreatment of Native Americans has resulted in continued effects in the present. For example, Native Americans are still more likely to live in poverty, have shorter lifespans, and suffer from lack of access to everything from good education to medical care than people of European descent.

The discussion of the Trail of Tears is a good beginning, but YouTube is not considered a good or reliable source of information about anything, as anyone can post material on it, and the quality is variable. A better source would be the Cherokee Museum. After discussing the history of oppression of Native Americans and various breaches of treaties, you could look at the Wounded Knee Massacre and recent protests in the same area as well as issues such as the fight over the Dakota Access Pipeline.

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