hat internal struggle (person vs. self conflict) does Beneatha experience because of Joseph Asagai’s return home?

Joseph Asagai's return home creates, first, an internal struggle between whether Beneatha prefers the money and security her boyfriend George Murchison offers or Asagai's idealistic desire to help Africans. As she veers sharply towards Asagai, she struggles with whether to pursue her dream of becoming a doctor or going with him to Nigeria, where she could help with medical concerns without an MD. She struggles internally between personal achievement and what best serves social change.

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Beneatha struggles between Asagai and her boyfriend George Murchison. George is a well-to-do and conventional Black man who wants to marry Beneatha. Her family doesn't understand why he doesn't accept her offer, and she herself knows that George would be her ticket to a comfortable life. However, an idealist herself, she is very strongly attracted by Asagai's outlook of service and altruism. He wants her to embrace her African identity, marry him, and come to Nigeria with him to serve the people.

When George criticizes her new, Afro-like haircut, Beneatha accuses him of being too willing and complicit in assimilating himself to an oppressive white culture. Yet while it is obvious she is veering towards Asagai, he also creates an inner conflict for her. She wants to do what she wants to, which is become a doctor. After Walter loses the money earmarked for her education, Asagai advises her to do what she can with the resources she has at hand and not worry about being perfect. He urges her to come to Nigeria with him and engage in medical work regardless of the medical degree. But he also advises her not to be afraid to take her time and think.

Beneatha ends the play struggling internally between her desire to have life the way she wants it, which means pursuing medical school somehow, and her desire to do something immediately with Asagai to help humanity.

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