In what chapter does Estella tell Pip that she has no heart and that she wants nothing to do with him?

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accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It is in Chapter 29 that Estella tells Pip that she has no heart. We see in this Chapter that Pip's feelings of seeing Estella and being in Satis House again are a strange mixture of pain and pleasure, for whilst she is flirtatious, she is also coldly distant, and her warning to Pip of her lack of heart is a direct contrast to Pip's hopes of being the romantic hero, rescuing Estella and breathing new life into Satis House.

It is also worth examining other events that jarr against Pip's hopes - the presence of Orlick as the doorman and in particular Miss Havisham's urgings for Pip to love Estella in a way that makes it sound like a curse rather than a blessing. All serve to undercut Pip's youthful and naive expectations and desires concerning his love for Estella.

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