Has the modern man really died spiritually? Is it a bad sign?with the development of technology and science, we are being driven away from God and religion. we no longer believe in anything divine....

Has the modern man really died spiritually? Is it a bad sign?

with the development of technology and science, we are being driven away from God and religion. we no longer believe in anything divine. for me, its a shame to deny the existance that gifted me life, but what importance does it bear to others? is technology really filling the shoes of religion?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A part of this answer is the fundamental premise of the question.  Technology might be a way to actuall enhance spirituality.  With the emergence of globalization and technology that helps to define it, spiritual modes of expression can be shared and exchanged in a much more free manner than before.  For example, more people can understand different modes of spiritual expression using technology now more than ever.  It might not be that human beings are dependent on technology as a replacement for the divine, but rather use it to better understand the divine:

But at the same time, globalization is also responsible for spread of religious ideas and cultural traditions from one place to another. Initially it may appear that economically strong nation dominates and entrusts its religious ideas over the weaker nations, but in the long run globalization will prove to be beneficial; as powerful and true religious ideas find seekers of truth from various places.

In the end, if one accepts the idea that all religions seek to establish some of the same truths, technology can become a means by which to better appreciate and understand this pursuit.

M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Technology is in no way an object of reductionism. If we apply well the benefits of change and we discipline ourselves to understand that life will continuously bring improvements to our way of lives, there will be no way of blaming any social change on a lack of spirituality.

If anything, the modern man has continuously looked for ways to proof that there is something higher than us, because there is always a need for emotional support in uncertain times. To say that technology and advancements have left us void of our ethereal selves is, again, a reductionist thought and I would have to disagree.

picturesque | Student

Yes i think as the time passes people are becoming more and more materialistic. They are becoming atheists day by day. They do not feel any importance of faith in their lives.Rather they do not find time to think about God and religion.

uvini | Student

I think it depends on how srongly you are willing to hold on to your faith.The value and importance that you youself attatches to it.It is believing that matters.No matter how diversly the world changes around you.This does not mean that science and technology must be cast aside.For it cant be denied that it too has helped us in many ways.One may only need to open their eyes to the world to understand this.Religion is also eqally important.It is what moulds us as a person and define our true characteristics apart from our various cultures.It all depends on the way one balances one's life.It is not that the majority have discarded their religion it is simply that they have no time for it.But as i said before it is the value you attatch to your affairs that matters. Oragnaization counts.If this achieved,you not only restore balance to your life also to the world arround you. This way none have to fill the shoes of anything.