Has K.D. Lang ever recorded any Patsy Kline music?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It is difficult to construct any analysis of Lang's music without discussing Patsy Cline.  Lang felt deeply and profoundly influenced by Cline's vocal range and the topics of her music.  Within the music of Patsy Cline, Lang found an appreciation for "the pain-filled songs of lost love for which Cline had been famous."  In this, Lang's career features much of Cline.  The use of Cline's producer on her album, Shadowland, further cements the relationship that Cline had on Lang. 

Several Cline songs have been recorded by Lang as homages to her Country music idol.  On Lang's album, A Truly Western Experience, one finds a song, in particular, that serves as a cover of Cline's music.  Lang has recorded Cline's "Stop, Look, and Listen."  It enabled Lang to embrace the torch song style of Country music that made Cline so unique.  It also enabled Lang to construct homages to Cline that are also reflective of Lang's own uniqueness and distinctive style.  In these recordings, it becomes clear that Lang has been intensely influenced by Cline's work.

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