What are the themes of the short ficton story called "A Loaf of Bread" by James Alan McPherson?

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In the short story, "A Loaf of Bread" by James Alan McPherson, one of the main themes is pride and selfishness vs. selflessness. In this story we meet Harold Green, a white grocer who has been overcharging his black customers, and Nelson Reed, a black man leading the pickets against the grocer. Even though both men appear to have opposing views, in actuality they are much alike, and are moral men at heart.

At the onset of the story, both men are prideful and unwilling to back down from their individual viewpoints. Green feels he is justified in over-charging his black customers as he tells his wife, "Green is the only color I am interested in." Ironically, green, or the dollar, is all he appears to care about when his wife tries to persuade him to give away his groceries. Reed also feels he is justified in his position. Even though he thinks of himself as a religious man he says, "The onliest thing that matters in this world is money." Both men lose sight of their basic moral character in...

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