harvest of empire by juan gonzalez what are chapter 1-5 about and details??

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laurniko eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The first five chapters of Harvest of Empire by Juan Gonzalez cover the entire first part of the book "Roots" that focuses on the history of Latino people and the first two chapters of the second part, "Branches" which covers specific countries that Latino people come from, including Puerto Rico and Mexico.

Chapter One, "Conquerors and Victims: The Image of America Forms (1500-1800)," discusses the colonization of Latin America by the Spanish and the colonization of North America by the English. He explains how the societies develop and change under the different colonizers. This chapter talks about the customs and views that helped mold the countries as they developed. 

Chapter Two, "The Spanish Borderlands and the Making of an Empire (1810-1898)," covers the rise of the United States as a major power and how Latin America lost political power in the shadow of the United State's growth. He discusses the idea of manifest destiny and the uneven pace of development in different countries. 

Chapter Three, "Banana Republics and Bonds: Taming the Empire's Backyard (1898-1950)," talks about how the United States slowly worked to gain control over Latin American countries. One example he gives is how the United States backs Carlos Castillo's government and send foreign aid, even though Castillo took power illegally. 

Chapter Four, "Puerto Ricans: Citizens Yet Foreigners," is about people from Puerto Rico and includes some details of Gonzalez's own experience as a Puerto Rican. He talks about how American colonized Puerto Rico as a result of the Spanish-American War and points to unemployment, hunger, and income inequality as the result. 

In Chapter Five, "Mexicans: Pioneers of a Different Type," Gonzalez examines how Mexico has developed and how its citizens relate to the United States. He points out that 2/3 of Hispanic people in the United States are Mexican. He delves into the history of Mexican-American relations and discusses incidents such as President Hoover deporting one million people to Mexico during the Great Depression.

The first five chapters of Harvest of Empire provide an in-depth history of the United States and its relationship with Latin American countries and then focus in on Puerto Rico and Mexico. 

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator
The first part of the book is about the roots of modern-day Latinos, thorough the Spanish colonization of South America. He contrasted it with British colonization of North America. Here is a link to the enotes summary of the entire book. http://www.enotes.com/harvest-empire-salem/harvest-empire