Harry Potter JargonHarry Potter has a variety of terms not commonly known to people who don't read the books. I often find me and my friends (who are all Harry Potter nerds) cracking jokes and...

Harry Potter Jargon

Harry Potter has a variety of terms not commonly known to people who don't read the books. I often find me and my friends (who are all Harry Potter nerds) cracking jokes and making references to Harry Potter all the time.

For people who do not necessarily know a lot about Harry Potter I was just wondering if you are ever confused by the made-up terms people may use from the series. Does anyone ever think they are lost or not understanding the joke?

Also, I am just curious- Does anyone else randomely use Harry Potter terms or phrases from the books? I find myself always saying accio book, or whatever item I misplaced. :)

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My 9 year old goes through stages where she's very much obsessed with the books.  She will do the accio thing that you mention.  Or she'll do "protego" when I'm trying to mess with her so as to repel me.   She hates spiders and has been known to tell me there's an acromantula on her wall that needs killing.

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Yes, I know some die-hard Potter fans. Well you have to know what a muggle is. A muggle is a non-magical person, so Harry Potter jokes often refer to us (normal people) as muggles. I'd also hear jokes about disapparation, which means you can disappear and transport yourself anywhere.

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My friends and I are huge Harry Potter nerds as well. We're always throwing around Harry Potter jargon in addition to fanfiction jargon: Muggle, Sorting, Mudblood, blood traitor, Half-Blood Prince, canon, alternative universe, OC, etc. Its a fun world for book nerds. 

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Oh yeah, I am a huge fan of the series, and I often reference it. For example, when my sisters and I are joking around, and one of makes a really awful joke that she should be ashamed of, I'll say, "Ten points from Gryffindor!" Of course, when something is particularly clever, we add ten points. I use the summoning spell on rare occasions when I am looking for something, but more often it is when I see what I need and am just feeling too lazy to walk over to it! I have a Ravenclaw scarf that my parents gave me as a gift from when they visited the WB studio in England, and I look for any excuse to wear it, and I dressed up last Halloween as a (surprise, surprise) Ravenclaw student.

As for people who don't know the books, I went to a private Christian high school where some students had parents who thought Harry Potter was the devil, so they had never read a book in the series or seen any of the movies. Needless to say, these students had no clue what was going on when someone made a reference. Some were disappointed that they were excluded from such a popular and large social group of people who did get the references, others were surprised that people attending a Christian school were referencing such a satanic series, and still others had decided that as they were not allowed to read the books, they would just not care about being ignorant of the various phrases they contained. For my part, I think they were missing out.

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I loved the Harry Potter series, as they were so logically and creatively woven into a single series! I find myself using the magical terms occasionally (sometimes without even noticing it) like Accio, Expelliarmus and even the evil curses: Crucio, Imperio and Avada Kedavra.