Harrison Bergeron how might lems objection be raised against Harrison Bergeron,and does it negate the value of Vonnegut,s story

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Stanislaw Lem is science fiction writer who criticizes fellow science fiction writers in the following quotation:

The revolt against the machine and against civilization, the praise of the "aesthetic" nature of catastrophe, the dead-end course of human civilization—these are their foremost problems, the intellectual content of their works. Such [science fiction] is as it were a priori vitiated by pessimism, in the sense that anything that may happen will be for the worse.

This quotation suggests that the overwhelming pessimism of many science fiction stories tends to glorify destruction in a way. He posits that it is illogical that everything that occurs will inevitably end badly, as it so often does within the science fiction genre.

To answer your question, “Harrison Bergeron ” certainly fits into this infinitely pessimistic...

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