In Harper Lee's novel To Kill A Mockingbird, Chapter 12,comment on Jem and Scout's visit to First Purchase Church.

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Cal decided to take Jem and Scout to her own church in the Quarters one Sunday when Atticus was out of town. Cal was afraid to send the children alone to the local Methodist church because of an incident which had occurred the last time the children went by themselves.

Left to its own devices, the class tied Eunice Ann Simpson to a chair and placed her in the furnace room. We forgot her...  (Chapter 12)

So, Cal spruced up the children, making Scout "soap all over twice" the night before, and headed to First Purchase African M. E. Church. It proved to be quite a learning experience for the children. They were confronted by one parishioner (Lula) who tried to prevent the "white chillun to nigger church," but the remainder of the congregation welcomed them warmly. Jem and Scout saw first-hand the poverty of the church and its people. They learned about "linin' " and why the church had no hymnals. They met Reverend Sykes, who later befriended them on the day of the Tom Robinson trial. They also saw a new and different side of Calpurnia, who "led a modest double life" away from the Finch household. It was such a happy day for Scout that she asked Cal if she could visit her some day at her own house in the Quarters.

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