"Happy Prince" is a story based on love and humanity. Do you agree? Give reasons.

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As a children's story, "The Happy Prince" is indeed meant to be read on the surface level and is, just as it seems, a story entirely about love and humanity. The beginning of the story shows the statue of the Happy Prince and the Swallow meeting, both having been brought to a melancholy state by living lives only concerned with the superficial. Through meeting each other, both are transformed into the very image of altruism.

In the end, both the prince and the swallow make considerable sacrifices to save the most downtrodden of the city. The prince sacrifices his sight, while the swallow sacrifices any certainty of making it through the winter and does, indeed, perish from the bitter cold. The statue, being deemed no longer beautiful by the wicked Town Councillors, is melted down. However, the two are deemed by an angel as the most precious things in the city and receive their reward in paradise everlasting.

Yes, I would say that this is a story based on love and humanity, because the...

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