In Lorraine Hansberry's A Raisin in the Sun, when characters quote from or reference the Bible do they tend to allude to a consistent theme?

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Lorraine Hansberry weaves religious allusions throughout the play A Raisin in the Sun because religion would have been a part of the characters every day lives. Beneatha, who tends to challenge societal norms, often uses sarcasm to challenge her parents’ beliefs. In act one, scene one, she is slapped for telling her mother that there is no God. Lena will not let her daughter move until she acknowledges "In my mother's house there is still God." For Lena Younger, God and religion are an important part of her life. While she’ll allow Beneatha to question many things, she will not let her question the existence of God. Later in the play, Beneatha alludes to the story of Adam and Eve as she scoffs at the possibility of marrying George Murchison: “George Murchison! I wouldn’t marry him if he was Adam and I was Eve!” (133)

When needed, the Younger family comes together as one. As the family unites to react to Karl Linder’s offer in act three, Beneatha supports their argument with a...

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